Fitness Community Roundup November 26th 2012

Here’s what’s been going on in the fitness business community lately:

  1. Ryan Lee is out with a new website, and he recently wrote about 10 places you can syndicate your content for free. Get your content out to the world!
  2. Chris McCombs posted a video about running your own fitness transformation contest. Contests can be a great way to generate activity around your business.
  3. The guys at NPE posted a video interview with business legend Dan Kennedy. This guy knows his stuff.
  4. I interviewed John Spencer Ellis about how he got started in the fitness industry. I love hearing about where people came from before they were successful in business.
  5. Pat Rigsby wrote a monster post on personal trainer marketing strategies. Lots of great info on referrals in this one.
  6. Erik Rokeach posted some tips on fitness marketing. This one has a video as well.

I’m sure I missed some great info, what have you been reading lately? Post it in the comments!

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