About Us

FitPro was created out of a desperate need for an affordable, easy to use website system for fitness professionals. Scott used to design custom websites for a lot of personal trainers, boot camps, and gyms. The problem was that a lot of fitness pros didn’t have thousands of dollars to spend on a custom site, so they asked what could be done for a few hundred bucks.

This got Scott thinking about creating a system that was easy to setup and affordable, but still had the features of a $4,000 website. Fitness professionals have these 2 major web problems:

  1. A custom website is too expensive
  2. Doing it yourself is too hard

If you don’t have the money for a custom site, you don’t have many options. You can struggle through setting up a site yourself, but then it doesn’t look professional and it doesn’t have the features you need. You can risk hiring someone cheaply, but that’s a recipe for disaster. Many web designers are notoriously unreliable (unfortunately), we hear these stories all the time.

In 2010 Scott met David and they began work on what became fitprosites.com. FitPro solves the 2 major problems faced by fitness professionals.

1. FitPro is inexpensive – compared to a $4,000 custom site, the pricing options for FitPro are as low as it gets while still getting an amazing product.

2. There’s no setup, and customization is easy – with FitPro, you don’t have to setup a hosting account, or download/install anything. Your site is setup instantly, and you can customize it with no coding, and no special software.

We hope you’ll give FitPro a try and let us show you why it’s the #1 website for fitness professionals.

We also try to make a small difference in the world by donating a portion of all proceeds to give people clean water.