Members Area

Learn how to use the FitPro members area.

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Custom CSS Snippets

These are custom CSS snippets that you can add to your site for more customization control.

To add any of this code, copy it and paste it in the Custom CSS box under Appearance => FitPro Options. Change the values as necessary.
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Email Setup

If you are using a custom domain, you’ll probably want to use an email address from that domain. Here’s how to set that up…

Your website does not come with an email account, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use email with your site! It just takes a few minutes to setup, then you will be rocking and rolling.
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Connect a Custom Domain

Here you’ll learn how to use a custom domain with your site ( instead of This is not an automatic process because we don’t control your domain. You will need to point your domain to our servers using the instructions below.
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Remove Comments

Learn how to remove the “Leave a Reply” comments feature.
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How to Upgrade FitPro

How to update to a new version of FitPro.
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5 Must-Have WordPress Plugins For Your Fitness Website

5 Must Have Plugins For Fitness Pros
Here are 5 must-have plugins to take your fitness website to the next level. I recommend these to everyone, and we use all 5 of them on our own sites.
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Content Templates

When you create a new page, it’s blank. Content templates let you insert a pre-made page layout with image placeholders, columns, etc. in one click.
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Theme Customizer (video)

The theme customizer is one of the best parts about FitPro, change every color on your site and more!
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FitPro Options Page

FitPro has an advanced theme options page that makes customizing and setting up your website incredibly easy.
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Page Templates

FitPro includes several page templates to help you create specific custom pages. To use a page template, open up an existing page in the WordPress editor, or create a new one.
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Testimonials (video)

Using the new testimonial custom post type feature, you can group and display your testimonials easily.
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Slider Setup (video)

Learn how to setup and configure the slides and slider widget on your site.
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Sidebar Commander

The Sidebar Commander feature is a powerful and flexible way to control your widgets and widget areas.
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Fitness Community Roundup November 26th 2012

Here’s what’s been going on in the fitness business community lately:

  1. Ryan Lee is out with a new website, and he recently wrote about 10 places you can syndicate your content for free. Get your content out to the world!
  2. Chris McCombs posted a video about running your own fitness transformation contest. Contests can be a great way to generate activity around your business.
  3. The guys at NPE posted a video interview with business legend Dan Kennedy. This guy knows his stuff.
  4. I interviewed John Spencer Ellis about how he got started in the fitness industry. I love hearing about where people came from before they were successful in business.
  5. Pat Rigsby wrote a monster post on personal trainer marketing strategies. Lots of great info on referrals in this one.
  6. Erik Rokeach posted some tips on fitness marketing. This one has a video as well.

I’m sure I missed some great info, what have you been reading lately? Post it in the comments!

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Install and Activate FitPro Downloadable (video)

How to install and activate the downloadable version of the FitPro theme through your WordPress admin.
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