Connect a Custom Domain

Here you’ll learn how to use a custom domain with your site ( instead of This is not an automatic process because we don’t control your domain. You will need to point your domain to our servers using the instructions below.

This may seem confusing, but don’t worry, we’ll get you through it!

1. Purchase a domain name

First you need to purchase a domain name. Once you do that, read on…

2. Point your domain to our servers

The easiest way to do this is to email your domain registrar with an email like this:

Hi, I own the domain I need to create an A record for my domain with a destination of

I don’t know how to do this, can you assist?


Here are the instructions if you want to try it yourself:

You’ll need to login to your management area where you bought your domain. Next, create an A record with a destination of

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Hostname: If you need to add a hostname, just put the @ symbol.

3. Email us your new domain name

Send an email to with your current site name ( and your desired new domain name. Do not email us until step #2 is complete, or your site will break.

IMPORTANT: After this is done, it will take 24-48 hours for the DNS to update and point to our servers. Weird things may happen when you try to access your site during this time, this is normal. Please clear your browser caches and wait 48 hours to contact us if anything looks funny.