How To Edit Phone Number And Social Media Icons

How to edit your site phone number and social media icons.


By default the phone number and social media icons appear at the top right of your site. This area is controlled by the Info Box widget, which allows you to specify a phone number and link to several social media sites.

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FitPro comes with several custom widgets as well as some built-in WordPress ones. You can learn more about the ones included with FitPro here.

Widgets can be placed in various widget areas such as sidebars, header, and footer etc. The Info Box widget at the top of your site is in the Header widget area. It can also be placed in the footer or sidebar widget areas. It’s pretty flexible.

To access it go to Appearance -> Widgets and on the right hand side of the widgets page look for the Header Widget area and expand it. Inside you will see the Info Box widget. Expand the widget to view the settings as shown below.


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Edit Phone Number

To edit the phone number expand the Info Box widget inside the Header widget area. You’ll see a text box containing the default phone number: (555) 555-5555. Simply edit the phone number and replace with your own. Click the Save button on the bottom right of the Info Box widget.

Edit Social Media Icons

The Info Box widget contains several icons to social media sites. These include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Flickr
  • Pinterest
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • Blog RSS Feed

You’ll see that by default the Facebook and Twitter links have been filled in. Any icon that has a link specified will be displayed when the widget is saved. Otherwise a blank text field means no icon is displayed.

So, if you wanted to remove all icons from your site just set the text field next to each icon to blank. To point an icon to your own social media page simply paste in the relevant URL.

For example to link to the Press Coders Twitter page we entered the following link:

And Finally…

Hopefully you will now be able to take full control over your site header phone number and icons! However, if you still have questions or a suggestion on how to make this guide clearer then please let us know via the contact form.