Email Setup

If you are using a custom domain, you’ll probably want to use an email address from that domain. Here’s how to set that up…

Your website does not come with an email account, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use email with your site! It just takes a few minutes to setup, then you will be rocking and rolling.

1. Ask your domain registrar (Best Option)

Contact the company you bought your domain from and ask if they provide “email only hosting.” Many companies do this for extremely cheap (about $3/year), and it is very easy to setup. Just contact them and they will get you squared away.

2. Purchase email hosting (about $3/year)

If your domain registrar does not provide email hosting, you can still get your custom email.

Several hosting providers will let you host email only for extremely cheap. and both offer this service. You will need to add some DNS records to set this up, both your domain registrar and your email host can help you get this going quickly.