FitPro Custom Widgets

FitPro comes packaged with several custom WordPress Widgets to supercharge your website!

To activate these widgets, login to your WordPress admin area, then go to Appearance > Widgets. Drag and drop the widgets into the different widget areas on the right, and these will show up in different places on your site.

Twitter Feed Widget

The FitPro Twitter Feed Widget displays the latest tweets from your timeline. To activate this widget, just drag and drop it into any widget area, and enter your twitter id. Do not enter the full url or @ symbol. For example, if your Twitter url is, simply enter presscoders.

Testimonials Widget

This widget allows you to display testimonials from the Testimonials custom post type. First, go to “Testimonials” and create a few new ones, then use the widget to display them anywhere on your site.

Info Box Widget

This widget helps you make sure your customers can find your contact info on every page, and connect with you on social media. Just fill in your phone number and the full url to your account pages.

Recent Posts Widget

Add a basic preview of your latest posts in the sidebar. The post title, excerpt, and read more link are shown for each post. Widget options allow you to choose a specific post category, and the maximum number of posts to show.

Blog Style Recent Posts Widget

This widget is designed to display your blog posts in the main content section of your site on a widgetized page, similar to how your blog posts are normally displayed. This includes the post featured image, if one has been set.

E-mail Opt-in Widget

This widget allows you to collect emails of prospective clients, and provide them with a free ebook or download if you wish. Just drag this widget into any of your widget areas, fill out the available options, and your ready to collect opt-ins!

You can also integrate this with any 3rd-party email service. Simply copy/paste the HTML form code you get from the particular email service you are using and all opt-ins will then get automatically sent to that service!

Content Slider Widget

This content slider widget enables text, images, video, and anything you want in each slide. It utilizes custom post types for ease of use, and you can even move slides by touching on the iPhone or iPad! Display the slider in any area of your site using this custom widget with plenty of display options.

Color Switcher Widget

This is a handy little widget to allow your site visitors to change the website color scheme viewable in their browser. This ONLY changes the color scheme on their browser and not in theme options, and lasts for up to one day. After which the color scheme reverts to the one set in theme options unless it is changed it again.