FitPro Options Page

FitPro has an advanced theme options page that makes customizing and setting up your website incredibly easy.

To access the theme options, log in to your WordPress admin area, and go to Appearance > FitPro Options. Most of the ‘visual’ theme options have been moved to the FitPro theme customizer which is awesome, so be sure to check it out!

The FitPro options page comprised of two tabs, shown below.

Theme Appearance Tab

Custom Colors and Layout

Use the ‘Default Page Layout’ drop down to control default column layout for ALL post/pages. This global setting can be overridden on individual posts/pages via the post editor, where there is a similar drop down to control column layout for that specific post/page.

Custom Favicon

Your site favicon is that handy little image used by browsers to easily identify your site to users.

Upload your own favicon via Media > Add New in the WordPress admin and grab the URL of the uploaded file. Then, simply paste this URL into the favicon input box and hit ‘Save Changes’.

The favicon is not supported by all browsers (it depends on the version too). Also, changes in favicons can sometimes take time to show up on your site. Clearing the browser cache can help, but be prepared to be patient! 🙂

Note: This feature will likely be built-in to the next version of WordPress (3.6) core. When it is then it will be removed from FitPro as it will become the recommended way to manage your favicon via WordPress settings.

Custom CSS

This is a great little feature for adding snippets of CSS to tweak your site styles. Normally you are forced to create a WordPress child theme for even the smallest of CSS changes. But with the Custom CSS theme option you can just add whatever styles you like and not have to worry about using a child theme until you need to.

You can even keep your Custom CSS if you’re using a child theme, the two are not mutually exclusive. Just remember that Custom CSS styles are rendered AFTER child theme styles and so will always have priority.

Here’s a top tip! Why not check out our cool theme customization guide to help take your customizations to the next level!

Also, if you are new to CSS then you might want to take time to look at some tutorials to get you started.

Miscellaneous Options

The last section on the Theme Appearance tab contains some toggle options for:

  • Show Breadcrumb Trail (displays a breadcrumb trail to the current page underneath the site header)
  • Enable Fancybox (images open up in a ‘pop-up’ light box rather than in a new window)
  • Enable FitVids (force videos to change size when browser resized)
  • Enable SEO Settings (adds input fields to post/page editor to add meta keywords, and description)

General Settings Tab

General Settings

The Admin E-mail is where the contact form email will be sent.

Note: This theme option will likely be removed in the future so that the e-mail used for the contact form page comes from the WordPress admin e-mail specified in Settings > General. An alternative e-mail address could be specified via a child theme by customizing contact-page.php.

Header & Footer Inserts

The Header Insert and Footer Insert input boxes allow you to add code into the <head> and <footer> areas of each post/page. These boxes are not meant for visible content, but it is a great place to add things like your Google Analytics script etc.

The Footer Links input box displays HTML at the bottom of each page such as the current year, copyright information, and links. This is fully customizable but you can also leave it blank if you want and nothing will get outputted.