Install and Activate FitPro Downloadable (video)

How to install and activate the downloadable version of the FitPro theme through your WordPress admin.

NOTE: This Guide is only for the downloadable version of FitPro. It doesn’t apply to the managed hosted version.

Domain & Hosting

Before you can install FitPro, you must have a hosted website domain. You can also use your own hosting, as long as your host supports WordPress (which is almost all hosts these days). does not allow custom themes like FitPro, so it is not supported.


The next step is to install WordPress*. Most hosts allow you to do this in one click. However, every host is different, so if you have problems please contact your website host. We have a helpful video to help you install WordPress here:

If your host does not offer a one-click install, please see this page at for manual installation instructions.

*Note – Do not install WordPress in your root directory on top of your old website! Instead, install in a sub directory (folder) like Build the site there, then you can move it into the root directory later.

Step by Step Installation

Installing FitPro through WordPress (Recommended)

  • Download the theme’s .zip file
  • Log in to WordPress, go to Appearance > Themes
  • Click on the “Install Themes” tab, and click the blue “upload” link
  • Upload your theme’s .zip file, then activate the theme
  • Or…Install your theme through FTP

If you would like to upload your theme via FTP, follow these instructions.

  • Download the theme’s .zip file
  • Unzip the theme folder
  • Upload the unzipped folder to the wp-content/themes folder on your server
  • Log in to your WordPress admin area, go to Themes, and activate the FitPro theme
  • After that, your theme should be ready to go.
Note: If you are using the Safari browser (on the Mac) to download the FitPro zip file then it may extract it automatically. If this happens, we recommend using an alternative browser or manually zip the downloaded folder again before uploading it to your site.