Page Templates

FitPro includes several page templates to help you create specific custom pages. To use a page template, open up an existing page in the WordPress editor, or create a new one.

On the right side of the screen you will see “Page Attributes”.

Choose a template from the drop down box called “Template,” and save your changes. Each FitPro custom page template is listed below.

Default Template

Uses the default WordPress page template to render the page.

Blog Template

Displays your blog posts in reverse chronological order.

Contact Form

Displays a contact form. Email will be sent to the admin, this can be changed on the Designfolio options page.

Members Area

Shows the main members page used for the FitPro members area feature.


Displays a simple sitemap of your existing pages.

Widgetized Page

Create a completely widgetized page. You can then add widgets to the sidebars and main content are of your widgetized page.